Screen Locking in High Sierra

Now developing on Linux!

“Dude, you got a Dell.” Please, don’t snicker. No, I haven’t given up on Apple. I am still heavily entrenched in the Apple infrastructure, and have no intent of changing that. I still do lots of development on macOS, and will continue to do so for some time. But my next gig is heavily ops oriented, and I want to develop on something as close to what I will deploying on as possible.

It's a cold day in hell...

Hacking my keyboard layout

I am a vim user (neovim, actually, but that is a post for another day), and since it relies entirely on keymappings to perform specific editing functions, anything I can do to help my fingers travel a little less on the keyboard means huge productivity gains over time. While this is not a new hack, it is certainly my favorite. I don’t use the caps lock key for anything, so I have made it more useful by remapping two other keys to it: when I tap caps lock, it functions as the escape key, and when I hold it, it acts as control.

Upgrading rsync on macOS