A Few Steps Closer to Waltzing

While I unfortunately had to put Waltz aside for a short time, I got a great night of hacking in on it. And… great news… I am one really obnoxious bug away from it being self-hosting. Mind you, there are still some features it will need for it to be genuinely useful, but I will be able to publish this blog and match 100% of the existing functionality. I am absolutely beside myself with excitement!

Almost Waltzing

After a weekend of intermittent hacking, I am getting close to being able to release a preview of Waltz, my Hugo/Middleman alternative written in Perl and Dancer2. I still have a few important milestones to cross, but I have almost got it to the point of hosting this blog. Almost. I have all of this site’s templates converted to Template::Toolkit now, and all of the content is rendering with the development server (written in Dancer2).

Friday Grab Bag

Happy Friday! Here’s a healthy dose of randomness to start your weekend: The iOS 11 update is pretty nice so far, especially for iPad users. However, the battery usage on my iPhone 6s seems to have increased significantly. Has anyone else noticed this? PostgreSQL 10.0 has been released! Check out the announcement. AOL Instant Messenger will be discontinued on December 15th. It’s the end of an era. The Perl Dancer Survey 2017 is online.

What have I been up to since 2015?

Since last I last posted something technical, I was between work opportunities and just getting involved with Dancer and the Perl community after a long time away. A lot has changed in that time, and I wanted to take a little time to share a bit about what I have been up to in that time. Joining the Dancer Core Team The thing that pleases me the most was having been invited to the Dancer Core Team.