The Price of Freedom

Linux on the desktop is still not for everyone.

You get a lot of freedom with Linux: price and choice to name a few. But it comes at a cost.

That cost is frustration. Lots of it.

In my particular case, it started when a routine update of packages prevented me from having icons with text on the desktop. Compound that with a few other issues and you end up with an 11th hour reinstall. Not my idea of good time.

Bluetooth has stopped working. The laptop doesn’t even think it has a Bluetooth adapter anymore. Not the first time this has happened with this laptop. I have no idea how to resolve this yet.

And finally, I have been trying for two days to change the wallpaper on the display manager’s login page. This is the most ridiculous way to fix such a simple problem. Even Windows gets this one right.

Linux on the desktop: you are way better than you used to be. You still have a long ways to go, though.

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