Recent Dancer2 Happenings, Website, Thoughts on Agile

It’s been a while since the last post, but sadly I don’t have a coherent theme for this one. So, dear readers, you get a random smattering of whatever is percolating in my mind.

Upcoming Dancer2 Release

Work is well underway for the next Dancer2 release. I am a bit torn as to when to cut the release though - there is one more PR that I definitely want to include that adds Git integration to the CLI scaffolding tool. I have two other projects in the works to remove two templating engines from the core of the distribution. I’d really like to get them in this release, but I am unsure of how long the latter will take, and I don’t want to hold up a release for much longer. I will likely take the path of least resistance and release earlier, and deal with the templating engines in a June release.

As far as removing templating engines from core, I will cover this in a future blog post. Website

This has been sorely needed for a long time, and it is finally underway. I am hoping to at least release a preliminary version over the weekend.

Thoughts on Agile

At my current job, I am doing a ton of eLearning seminars at the moment, and most of them focus on agile. Unfortunately, I think the authors of said learning material are doing agile for the sake of calling our processes agile, and their focus is more on The Process rather than delivering software. The whole point of agile is to let developers push quality product, and for The Process to stay out of the way. It’s my hope that once the training is out of the way, our actual process will more closely resemble a real agile one.

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