Dancer2 0.301003 Released

It’s taken longer than I had planned on, but Dancer2 0.301003 was released today. It contains a few features I am happy to see but am embarrassed that it took me so long to implement: Git integration and Dockerfile generation for new applications.

Now, my attention is shifting to other things for a bit: porting Dancer2’s features from our forked version of Template::Tiny into the core of Template::Tiny, and retooling Dancer2 to use it by default for all things (namely, new skeleton app generation). Dancer2::Template::Simple is not the best option for production use, and is used mostly as a migration tool for Dancer(1) applications, and we’d rather provide new applications with a better option out-of-the-box. Dancer2::Template::Simple will still be available, but it will be split into its own distribution going forward.

I have also started a static site generator similar to Hugo, but instead it is built with Perl and Dancer2. It will be called Waltz (you figure it out), and I am hoping to have an early release Really Soon Now (tm). I am in the middle of porting this blog over to it now, and once that is complete, you can expect to see an early version on CPAN. Work has begun on a real website for, and that site too will be an early user of Waltz. Stay tuned!

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