A Few Steps Closer to Waltzing

Waltz is nearly self-hosting now.

While I unfortunately had to put Waltz aside for a short time, I got a great night of hacking in on it. And… great news… I am one really obnoxious bug away from it being self-hosting. Mind you, there are still some features it will need for it to be genuinely useful, but I will be able to publish this blog and match 100% of the existing functionality. I am absolutely beside myself with excitement!

Unfortunately, the closer I get to being feature-complete, the closer I get to all the things I am less interested in: docs, marketing, and more. I’m excited to get this in the hands of others though to shake out some bugs and get some constructive feedback.

Charlotte Perl Mongers will be the first site built from scratch (by me, anyhow) with this. Others will follow.

For as excited as I am, I am also nervous to put this in the wild. This is normal for me, and it will pass as soon as I am neck-deep in bug reports and PRs.

Speaking of bug reports, I have started setting up GitHub to make it look like this is a legitimate open source project (any of you who truly know me know that legitimacy with regards to my side projects is a joke!). I’m not quite there with it but making some good strides.

As I look back on where this has gone, I originally just wanted to write a tool to validate the front-matter for my existing posts in Hugo. That original idea turned into an entire publishing platform… that still lacks front-matter validation :)

There are other things in the works too: planning for a major release of Dancer2 soon, and some other things that are too early to talk about. But they are exciting.

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